Adopted Prayer Doll


Meet My Little Prayer Doll

Her Name is "God's Love"

This little Doll means so much to me
and we are best of friends.
I adopted her on Sunday January 6, 2002
I was very honored that I was able
to adopt her and give her a good home.
She keeps me praying in the mornings
and all during the day as we have so
many people that need our prayers.
I come to this page every morning
when I first get up and then I see her
on her knees and think about the list of
all of the prayer request that come in my mail box.

I thank You Lord for giving me the chance to adopt her.
She is so sweet and very soft spoken.
And Lord when I see her kneeling and praying
with her hands folded I look up and
begin my day with You!
I just call her simply "God's Love"
as that is her real name
and what a beautiful name !

Dear Lord I come to You at this time
and I ask You to please keep my heart
and my mind upon You today and everyday
as we all need so much more of You in our life!
I ask You Lord to help me to keep my eyes
on You Lord as there is so much hurt in the world.
Lord so many loved ones and friends
that I have met on the internet that need You.

I pray that if I can be of help to anyone
that You will intercede and lead me
the right way to help them.
I thank You Lord for my family
and for my friends and
even the ones that I do not know.
You know each need of the ones
that are out there and crying for your help.
Please Lord send them peace and
much needed strength to go through
their daily walk with You each day.

I thank You Lord for your
continuing touch on my Life!
I pray Lord that You will never
allow me to take my eyes off of You
and that I may in someway say or do
something that will lead a lost soul to You.
so they can spend Eternal Life with You
and our Heavenly Father in Heaven!
Please Lord forgive me of my short comings.
Thank You Lord for all the love You have for everyone.
I pray this in Your precious and Holy name
I Love You Lord

I adopted my prayer doll at Oodles of Doodles
Please visit their site and
see all of the other dolls A beautiful site on the web
Oodles of Doodles
Oodles of Doodles Website Is Not Found Now 8-7-2008

~~God Bless all of you~~

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