A Soul Searching Prayer

Does my life please 
you as I live each day?
Do I glorify you, Lord, 
in everything I say?

Do I show others 
your love in all that I do?
When others see me 
do they also see you?

Are my motives pure--
I know that you see?
Would I want other Christians 
to be just like me?

You understand my thoughts--
you're the only one who can.
When I'm all by myself am
I a God pleasing man?

I don't mean am I perfect, 
for without Christ I know I'm not,
But am I doing doubtful things 
hoping that I won't be caught?

Are there any hidden issues 
in the depths of my heart
That, as a born again Christian, 
I should bid to depart?

If there's any thought or
action that's bringing you shame,
Help me to surrender it
in Jesus' blessed name.

I don't want to continue
anything that displeases you,
And I want to do everything
that you would have me do.

Dear God, in your wisdom, 
you know how to keep me straight,
If you ever see me straying 
correct me before it's too late.

By your grace you have saved 
me and forgiven all my sin,
I love you, I thank you 
and I praise you, amen.

Bob Hefner Revised 11-05-01

Used With Permission


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