My Texas Rose


My Texas cowgirl with one coy smile
Melts my heart knowing all the while,
I could never love another as I do her
I swear from my hat down to my spurs.

There is none so lovely as my Rose
With her flaxen locks tied in bows,
Her ruby red lips are soft and sweet
And her eyes sparkle when we meet.

Tonight we meet to say farewell again,
I ride for the line shack till winterís end,
With saddest hearts we'll kiss goodbye
Neath the yellow moon of the Texas sky.

A lingering kiss neath that moonlit sky
Then I leave my Rose with teary eyes,
As moonbeams graced her angelic face
I spurred my horse away from our place.

Iíll miss my Rose as time slowly goes
Iíll be lonely each hour heaven knows,
But time and miles canít keep us apart
For we hold each other dearest to heart.

Each night with my saddle for a pillow
I recall our secret place neath the willow,
Where we met and fell in love deeply,
Surrendering our hearts so completely.

I wait for the thunder bringing spring rain
And bluebonnets to scatter over the plains,
Then once more my darling Texas Rose
Weíll love where the weeping willow grows.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 10-09-04

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