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Now I Walk Alone

For fifty-three years I was married to an angel
Then one sad day God called her home.
To sit beside him up in heaven
as he ruled the earth from his throne.

For many long months it has been lonely
as there has been a big vacancy in our home
There has been so very much sadness.
In my heart now that now I walk alone.

She now resides with him in heaven
since the day he called her home.
To sit beside him up in heaven
as he rules the world from his throne.

I believe I will be with her again
for some day he will call my name
Then I will be very happy once again
and look forward to the day he came.

So my darling Ann, hold tightly to God's hand
as he guides you along the Milky Way.
Till he calls me to come be with you
then we can walk again together someday.

Even though you are gone from me now
I love you so very dearly still.
And if some how you can here me
I promise you in my heart I always will.

Anna, I love you so very much.

Your Loving Husband

Written for you on Memorial Day
From all my heart always

May 2004

Mickey, Paul and Anna Gilley

Mickey and Paul are cousins.
The picture was taken at Mickey Gilley's Theatre in Branson in May 1999 .

*Anna passed away in 2003*

Paul Gilley goes to church in Bend, Oregon
with my Sister Sue & Hubby Tommy.
Thank You Paul so much for allowing me to use your poem and picture.
God Bless You
Love Carolyn

Update On Paul
Paul joined Anna in Heaven July 2007


I Over Looked An Orchid
Mickey Gilley

Mickey Gilley's Website

Used With Permission
Thank You/The Gilley's

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