Indian Summer

The spring breeze began the beautiful grasses blow
An Indian girl named Summer looks out o’er the land she knows
Her Indian bronze color was a sight to see
The warrior that won her hand would oh so lucky be

Any of the young men would have loved to hold her near
But the heart of the Indian maiden was set far away from here
Summer longed for a glimpse in the distant hills above
For a young and handsome cowboy and a sweet forbidden love

The white man and the Indians were very much at war
Her Indian tribe knew nothing of the one she’s longing for
His auburn hair pulled together and tied close at the back
Long and flowing as he rode from behind his hat

Oh what a wonderful site that her eyes could behold
The holster he wore on his side shown like the purest gold
Summer loved what she saw and pondered it in her mind
The love known only to her and God was the purest kind

The silence was broken by gunshot and the terror began
Spears and arrows mixed with shots would it ever end?
When at last the smoke had cleared from behind a log she gazed
So much pain and dying to this she was amazed

Lying in an open field was a sight that caught her eye
The black stallion had been brought down and she began to cry
The auburn haired soldier was lying very still
Summer the Indian maiden ran to him at will

She knelt down beside him to determine his fate
Just to touch him at last but was it all too late
She raised his head and cradled him and cried
Slowly oh so slowly he opened up his eyes

No one was there to stop her and she poured out her heart
Of how much she loved him and hoped they’d never part
The soldier’s heart quickened he had always loved her too
But he thought it was hopeless and his dreams would not come true

They both arose with renewed strength and they walked hand in hand
They would always be together no matter what people said
They found a lone Palomino tethered up tight
Together they rode away far into the night

It may turn cold or damp and rain out on the prairie dark
But it’ll always be Indian summer in that cowboy’s heart
A love as theirs that lasts for a lifetime is of the rarest kind
When Indian summer the Indian girl had a cowboy on her mind

~*© Raylene Boggs*~ 2003

Poetry Of The Heart

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