In Memory Of Waleed J.Iskandar

August 25, 1967-September 11, 2001

On Sept 11, 2001 "Waleed" was coming home
to visit his parents in Los Angeles, Ca.
He was on the American Airline Flight 11.
This is the one that the terrorists hijacked
and flew into the World Trade Center!
This was a terrible shock to all of America
and the whole Nation!
But nothing can compare to the hurt
of the Parents and family of Waleed!

Walled loved to travel, he loved sports,
and he loved his family very much.
He also, as his father Joseph
writes and says, loved 'LIFE'.
Waleed was planning to be married in July 2002!
I would like to say that I am
so sorry to his fiance also.

Waleed leaves behind his Parents
'Joseph and Samia Iskandar'
~Brother~'Sany' of Sudbury,Mass
~Sister~'May Marconet' of Los Angeles,Ca
~Six Nieces and Nephews.
His loving Fiance~'Nicolette' of London.
~May God Bless all of you~
You will meet "Waleed" again.

"Waleed" at his parents home
in Northridge, Ca

"Waleed's College Graduation"
at Stanford in Ca '1989'

I would like to say that because
of the love that Joseph and Samia have,
that we have become California friends,
that met through a tragedy.
Because of another friend, Larry that lost his wife.
Joseph and Larry were in a support friendship group.
So because of so much love with the Christian friends on the web.
Joseph visited my site and it touched his heart, as he said to me.
And because he was told about our tragedy,
we reached out to each other, and became close friends.
Heather shares her love for Joseph and Samia as well.
Joseph does so much in helping
other people ,with his kind heart, and has always been here for us.
He has reached out to me and for that I thank you.
Joseph I will always be here for you and Samia.
God does work things out in his way!
God Bless my ~ California Friends ~

Please click on the picture above
and visit the complete story of the
Waleed's site made by his father, Joseph.
Joseph tells how he learned to forgive.
Your heart will be touched, I promise.
This is one way to pay your respects !

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Wind Beneath My Wings
This song was sent to me by Joseph!
This was one of Waleed's favorite songs!

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