Honeymoon Cottage

Nestled in the heart of the Kentucky hills,
Surrounded by roses and daffodils,
And graced with honeysuckle vines,
Stood a little cabin built long ago,
By folks I was proud to know!
My grandparents chose the spot 'neath the whispering pines!

"It was our honeymoon cottage," Grandpa would say!
"We came straight here on our wedding day,"
"And you know we've been around here ever since!"
The setting was so serene,
"Picture perfect," if you know what I mean,
Right down to the little white picket fence!

Though Grandma was in her seventies she still would sew,
And can the vegetables they could grow,
In the little garden in the clearing at the top of the hill!
Yes, time had made a change in Grandma's face.
But in Grandpa's heart nobody could take her place!
In His eyes she was lovely still!

Grandpa was her gallant knight!
Her face would light up when he came in sight!
Their love grew sweeter with the passing of time!
Yes, Friend it's plain to see if you have love,
That special gift from God above,
You can be happy if you haven't got a dime!

They were married in the little church with the tall white steeple.
And with Grandpa's and Grandma's people,
There was barely enough room to stand.
The kin folks brought fiddles and five stringed banjos,
Mandolins, guitars, and even dobros!
I'm telling you the music was mighty grand!

No couple was any happier than those two!
The moment they said, "I do,"
Grandpa kissed his bride so tenderly!
"Twas the beginning of a lasting marriage,
And as they sped away in a horse drawn carriage,
They both were as happy as could be!

But, now where the honeymoon cottage once stood,
There's only a pile of rubble and wood.
The old folks have gone on to their eternal reward!
However, today they are in the Promised Land,
Walking hand in hand,
And basking in the presence of Jesus Christ, their Lord!

Robert F. Dodson 1998

Used with permission

Please visit his wonderful site.

Brother Bob's Christian Poetry Potpourri

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