Good Things

We hear a lot about war,
Or hurricanes that hit our shore.
We hear a lot about hard times
And a good deal more about the crimes
That make the front pages of our news.
But all that does is sing the blues..
About America!

Now, what of The Good things in our lives
About the men who love their wives,
Who take their kids when they go fishin',
And spend their workin' days just wishin'
To make things better?

A fireman who climbs a tree
And sets a little kitten free.
A policeman who helps you cross the avenue.
A man who stops when you've broken down
And asks if you need a lift to town,
Or simply says, "Friend, what can I do?"

Have you stopped at a gracery store
And watched a kid who's bit off more
Than his five- or ten-cent piece can chew?
He needs just two cents or three
To get that soda pop, you see!
And you get that feelin': "Why not?" And you come through.

And how about on a Sunday morning,
The sun's up high and the day is borning,
And church bells break the stillness in the sky,
And all your neighbors and your friends
Climb in the family car again
And go to church, and never question "Why?"

Then you look at the U.S.A.
The folks at work, their kids at play,
And lookin' back, you see how hard they've tried
To keep this country free and strong.
And somehow you've known all along,
The answer's here! Right in your own backyard!

For as long as you believe in faith..hope..and God above,
The future of this land of ours is strong. And most of us feel just that way,
And that's the truth! So let us say,
"America...can't be so very wrong!"

Narrated By John Wayne


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