Dreaming is beautiful
so soft and sweet;
Dreaming of memories
inside me so deep.

In the still of the night
when darkness surrounds me;
In the stars up above
far away you will find me.

Dreaming my dreams
of a mysterious flight;
With a loved one of mine
floating into the night.

We dance on the clouds
in each others arms;
Feeling the love
and each others charms.

For there in my dreams
that just seem to go on;
We sing to each other
loves sweet tender song.

And glide as we dance
on God's Heavenly shore;
With Him watching ov'r us
and blessing us more.

Can this be so wrong
when it feels so right;
For it's just a dream
in the still of the night.

For when I awake
my dream will be gone;
But it will stay with me
'til the night comes again.

When to the Heavens
we'll escape to again;
My loved one and I
and dance to the end.

Because in my dreams
we're as free as a Dove;
To sing loves sweet song
in the Heavens above.

Written by Judy N. Marquart

This poem is copyrighted
and not to be used without
my permission. 1/31/2003

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