Autumn In The Country

Trees in various stages of dress,
The surrounding countryside caress!
Leaves of yellow, orange, and brown,
And shades of red come tumbling down!
Like unwanted intruders here and there,
Several trees stand leafless and bare!
Shocks of corn in wigwam style,
Seem to cover "a country mile!"
"Old Jack Frost" covers grass that's still green,
And orange pumpkins complete the scene!
A cabin nearby with its chimney curling smoke,
Is home to some friendly country folk!
Busy, frisky, chattering, squirrels
Perform for several young boys girls!
Close by, at the annual church bazaar,
Folks have come from near and far.
There is apple cider hot or cold,
Will "wet the whistle" of young and old!
Pumpkin, mince, and apple pies,
Are certainly pleasing to one's eyes!
Here and there are tables of crafts,
Staffed by church ladies with friendly laughs!
There's plenty of cornbread, ham and beans,
And even a couple kettles of turnip greens!
There are caramel apples, red, yellow, and green,
And the most tantalizing fudge you've ever seen!
There's sorghum molasses and honey in a jar,
Donated by church folks for the bazaar!
There's home made vegetable soup and beef pot pie,
And freshly baked bread, white, whole wheat, and rye!
Friend, everybody looks forward to this time every Fall,
When it can be truthfully said, "A good time was had by all!"

By Robert F. Dotson 2007

Used with permission

Please visit his wonderful site.

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