America Nine-Eleven

I have been doing a lot of thinking
about what I would like to say when
I did a page on our Country.
This has been a very hard one to do.
Our Country is in serious turmoil.
We need to just get on our knees and pray
for all of the families that have
lost a loved one in the attack on Sept 11, 2001.

So many children are without
their Fathers and Mothers.
So many Moms and Dads lost their children.
And a lot of wife's and husbands lost their mates.
We could all hear the phone calls from the airplanes,
and the sadness in the voice as they told
the wife that they were going to die.

A lot of new babies were also born
at the time of the horrible bombing.
The men that knew that they were going
to become a Daddy and then knew that
they would never see that child be born.
That had to be a very horrible thing to have to
think of in their minds and still try to be brave.

We need to be praying for and thinking about
the Firemen and Women in every city
and also all of the Policemen and Policewomen
that live in our own towns that
lose their lives each and everyday.
Our people need to come back to God.
He is in complete control over this whole war.

Let's just remember each other and
the service men and women that have
to leave their families to go and serve our country.
We do tend to forget that we have
good people in every state and city
that really do depend on our prayers.
Let us not forget to pray for all
of the many many volunteers
that have spent so many hard
working hours in this clean up also.

So much as already been said and
my prayer is that we just become
one loving nation in this whole thing.
God Bless everyone and
"God Bless America"

I want to also thank my many
wonderful friends that made a lot of the gifts.
Also to the others that shared from their hearts.
~God Bless each one of you~


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