Easter Morning

Mary and the others were in awe,
At what they saw,
That first Easter day!
In the cool morning air,
They could only stare,
For someone had rolled the stone away!

Jesus' body had been stolen they feared.
But then holy angels appeared,
Alleviating every misgiving!
"Jesus is no longer dead,"
The angels said,
"Behold, He has rejoined the living!"

Sister Mary run and tell,
Now Jesus is alive and well!
He conquered death, hell, and the grave!
'Twas a critical hour,
But through His mighty power,
He arose our souls to save!

Now any member of Adam's race,
Through God's amazing grace,
Can rise up and joyously sing,
"Sin's mighty flood,"
"Is under the blood!"
"Thank God I'm a child of the King!"

Robert F. Dotson 2004


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The Night Before Easter
Donnie Sumner

Used With Permission
Thank You Donnie

Made With Love

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