Thanksgiving Prayer

Thank you Father for life's simple things
Like peace and hope that Jesus brings,
The joy of hearing morning bird's call
The ability to see and to stand tall,

Having food to eat and clothes to wear
For family and friends, much love to share,
The strength and breath to thank you above
For all these blessings and your great love

Francis TYJ

God Bless You Frank


My Thanksgiving Prayer

My prayer Lord is for us to remember the ones that have nothing. Lord the families that are so torn apart. The children that are left without a Mommy or Daddy. The service men and women that will be away from their family and friends, some are in war over our country this Thanksgiving. So many people send in prayers to us each day. Lord make us more mindful of what to say to them. We have so many that do not have warm clothes, and no food. So many have lost their jobs and no money to pay bills and buy the simple things that myself and many take for granted each day. The ones that have sick loved ones in mind, body and soul and needing love and health. Lord help the prayer warriors to know how to pray for each one that comes through. Keep our minds open to all of what we may do, to be kind and loving and most of all helpful. To the shut-ins and the ones in the nursing homes, help us to go and visit them and if for nothing else, but to shake their hand or give them a hug. Some ask for nothing but a smile. How good that would make us feel if we only give a few minutes of our time. I thank You that You have sent many ways for us to reach hurting and lonely people. Not everyone that has a family will even see or talk with anyone on Thanksgiving. There is so much that we take for granted. Help us to be more humble and caring to what others may need. Lord You are no respecter of persons and for that I' am so thankful. I' am thankful that You Lord love the lowest of all. And You love them as much as You love me. Please Lord I ask that as we sit down to have our dinner that we will think of the less fortunate, as they are Your child too. I ask Lord that You will protect our country and make us know that we need to get on our knees and know that all peace comes from You. I' am thankful that You will give us all love, happiness and eternal life if only we ask.

In Your Precious and Holy Name Amen



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