Thanksgiving Joys

Wishing you Thanksgiving Joys always,
Brings happiness and pleasure,
Delightful daisies too beautiful,
Give you sweetness you'll treasure.

Deep oranges, golden yellows, sweet pinks,
Rays of brightness from our Lord,
Daisies arrayed in bright single whorls,
Thanksgiving beauty's adored.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day with loves,
How the Lord treasures I know,
And as you give Him Thanks for blessings,
The Lord bestows love that grows.

Thanksgiving Joys come from giving hearts,
Praises, honor in His Name,
His love's filling your hearts and your homes,
Jesus our Lord's so acclaimed.

You and delightful daisies in sight,
And a bountiful harvest,
Gives Jesus sweet joy, can you see Him,
As He joins you as your Guest.

He's Fame in any celebration,
Our Lord's Thanksgiving each day,
How wonderful to have and love Him,
Oh, His Aroma will stay.

©Sondra McPherson
November 9, 2004

used with permission

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