To all of my friends on my mailing list.
Many of you have been with me since I first began making my websites.
And to the many that have joined this year.
I want to take this time to thank each one of you.
I feel so blessed to call you my friend.
I hope that you will always find something
on my site that will bless you in some way.
For the past thirteen years now that I have had my sites,
I have met the most wonderful people on God's earth.
I thank Him for all of you.
How could I possibly have this many friends
from all over the world?
Only on the big world wide web could this happen.
But all Glory goes to God and
I thank Him with all my heart.

To each one of the writers of poetry, stories,
graphic designers, singers, and songwriters.
And to all of you that have sent me your CD's.
I thank you so much.
You all have been so generous with your work.

You have shared my sites with your family and friends.
You have each been my encourager in your own way .
When I want to give up, someone sends a note  and tells me how their heart has been blessed.
Your words touch my heart so much that I have tears,
and a whole lot of smiles.
Never under estimate the power of God.
for without Him, I would not be here doing my sites.
And without Him, I would not have all of you.
God Bless and Thank You.

To all of you that send prayer needs.
I promise to always continue to pray myself for each one.
I also share your prayer request
with others that are praying for you.
And I thank you for your prayers for me as well.

Thank You for coming to visit me day and night.
And I thank you so much for letting me
come into your homes so often.

To Our Men and Women that are
keeping us safe here at home.
We All Love and Pray for you daily.
We ask God to keep you all safe.

To All Our First Responders in time of need, Thank You.

A very special Thank You to Donnie Sumner,
for this special song for each one of you.

Thank You All for Your Friendship

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Love & Blessings, Carolyn






God Bless These Folks

Donnie Sumner

Used With Permission
Thank You Donnie

Made With Love

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