Sprinkles Of Grace

I have no silver or gold to spare
My purse and pockets are bare
Yet God gives ease at being poor,
There are no creditors at my door.

Iíll never know the gain of wealth
But God has given me good health,
Earthly treasure cannot buy wellness
Nor any grand measure of happiness.

My modest old home needs repair
But comforts are abundant there,
Living in the spirit of Godís grace
There is no happier soothing place.

Filling my pantry is never complete
But there is always enough to eat,
I will never dine on a banquet feast
But God has added enough at least.

My clothes are worn and my coat torn
But the hearth keeps me cozy warm,
As the blazing logs crackle and flare
I thank God for the clothes I wear.

Storms make my roof groan and creak
But that blessing overhead has no leak,
The winds may rage and rains downpour
But I am comfy dry from ceiling to floor.

I have dreamed of fancy bedroom suites
With a splendid big bed and silk sheets
But God gave me a feather bed instead
And itís a fine place to rest a weary head.

As I consider all things and look around
Godís blessings in abundance abound,
He has provided all that I need for living
And reasons for prayer on Thanksgiving.

Precious Lord above with love I thank you
For the divine goodness in my life you do,
Father thank you for your soul saving grace
And caring warmth of your loving embrace.

Thank you for our soldier warriors brave
Who serve us beneath Old Gloryís wave,
Shepherd them home safely God I pray,
Deliver them unharmed by next holiday.

In your love and mercy my blessings flow,
For all that I celebrate, it is you I owe,
Lord I thank you in my most reverent way
For the abundance this Thanksgiving Day.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-19-08

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Poetry by Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Special Poem

Made With Love

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