There in church on new years eve,
Ann’s heart was filled with joy,
For soon she would receive,
Communion with her little girl and boy!
Then, all too soon the service came to an end,
And it was time for them to go.
So, she embraced Karen her friend,
Saying, “Be careful driving in the snow.”

Meanwhile, Steve had to have just one more beer,
Before he left Joe’s bar.
Afterward his vision wasn’t clear,
As he staggered toward his car.
He could barely see to unlock the door,
From the bar sign’s neon light.
But, once inside he made the engine roar,
As he disappeared into the night.

The narrow country road,
Was icy and down to one lane.
And considering how much it had snowed,
Driving was going to be a pain.
However, Steve sang a honky tonk song,
As he went on his drunken way,
Not realizing how long,
He would live to regret this day.

As Steve topped the next hill,
His hands began to shake.
For a car was in the road sitting still.
So, he stomped on the brakes.
However, his car slid from side to side.
And though he tried with all his might,
He knew the cars would collide,
On such a snowy night.

Above the terrible noise,
The smell of gas and steam,
He heard his Annie’s voice,
As she broke into a scream.
Then, everything grew so still,
As the grim reaper came to take his toll.
And there on that icy hill,
The angels came to collect three souls.

Steve cried, “Oh, God what have I done?”
“I’m the most miserable man alive.”
“I’ve killed my wife, daughter, and son.”
“Why did I ever drink and drive?”
Then, Steve fell on bended knees,
Pleading, “Help me Lord I pray.”
“Save this drunken sinner please,”
“And I’ll serve you ‘til my dying day!”

©Robert F. Dotson 2003


In Memory Of Lost Lives,
Due To Drinking And Driving.

Please Don't Drink And Drive..You Might Save The Life Of Someone You Love...

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