It sounds like music to the ears
The word "Mother!"
She can heal hurt,
And wipe away tears
Like no other!

When we go to her as we often must,
She is one we can always trust.
A mother sees no harm ,
In a daughter or son,
And will stand by them,
Til "all's said and done!"

She went to the Valley Of The Shadow,
To give us birth!
She remains the dearest friend,
We have on earth!
Her hand has cooled a fevered brow,
And she makes everything,
All right somehow!

She loves her family,
With all her heart!
She will stand by "her man,
"Til death does them part!"
She knows what sacrificing,
Is all about!
Friend, she, will feed her family
Even if she has to do without!

No love on earth,
Is quite like a mother's love.
It's the closest to the love,
Of God above!
A mother is often the adhesive,
That holds the family together!
She's a haven in times,
Of stormy weather!

She will pray with her children ,
At bedtime each night,
And say "I Love you",
As she turns out the light!
Love of God and family values,
Are learned at a Mother's knee,
And important questions are answered,
So patiently.

Even in your adulthood,
A mother remains a close friend!
When others "turn you down,"
On Mother you can depend!
Friend, there is no greater honor
Than motherhood!
So, let us honor our mothers,
As we should!

©Robert F. Dotson 2004

Brother Bob's Christian Poetry Potpourri

Used With Permission

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