Keep Our Troops In Mind

Christmas- that time of year
When all loved ones come to mind,
Top of the List
*Our Country Protectors*
Who give so graciously of their time.

So far away are many `from
their hearths of home, and families,
So many `with memory`s tumbling of
the Christmas Joys ... that used to be.

EnjoyYour Christmas Pleasures Preserved
By those clad in military uniforms
Whose daily efforts are shared,
Keep them in prayer as they fight for
...Peace and Justice and Liberty...
'Let them know 'You Care!

When you sit for Christmas Dinner,
Joining hearts and hands in prayer,
Ask blessings for our country defenders
And `their parents, who are wishing
Their sons or daughters were home
With them for `Christmas Dinners` fare.

Sherry Kersey 2010
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Tune: Bill Purcell ... Winter Love

Music Courtesy of Pc Dons Music Waves

Made With Love

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