Happy Birthday Jesus

On a bed of hay Mother Mary gave birth
To the Savior of humankind on Earth,
He came a sweet baby on a matting of hay
And we rejoice His birth on Christmas day.

Beneath glittering stars He was given a name
And the angels proclaimed a Savior had came,
To the world came a baby child called Jesus,
Jesus! Jesus, how beautiful that name to us.

As a sunburst fires the sunset aflame
How beautiful the sound of His name,
So pretty the brilliant colors of sunset
But brighter His name gleaming yet.

His name as soft as the dew on the rose,
Is sweeter than any blossom that grows
As the touch of a rose delights fingertips
So too His name whispered from our lips.

His precious name fills hearts with delight
As moonbeams dancing on a cloudless night
But moonbeams bursting through sea spray
Are only flashes while His name lives always.

So sweet the sound songbirds hush singing,
Clearer His name than bells loudly ringing,
Purer than snowflakes swirling in breezes
Is His treasured name that forever pleases.

Fairer than the fair, rarer than the rare
No word written or spoken can compare,
The splendors of the world are paled by His name,
Jesus! Son of God and hopes eternal flame.

Beneath the star of Bethlehem asleep on hay
Lay our sweet baby Savior on Christmas day,
The Son of The Father was born unto us
And all we can offer is "Happy Birthday Jesus."

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 11-19-08

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Poetry by Ken

Used with permission

Thank You So Much Ken,
For Writing This Special Poem

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