My Dear family and friends,
Bill and I wish you a very Merry Christmas,
as you celebrate the birthday
of our Precious and blessed Savior.
May your thoughts be those on Christ most of all.
May you be drawn closer to Him these moments.
May His love, His comfort, His Peace,
and His joy, be magnified within you.

Bill and I and our family want to focus more on the birthday of our Jesus this year.

We have drawn names.

Our gift for the name we have drawn
to be their favorite dessert.
Also to pray for the one who's name we have,
beginning 13 days before Christmas.
We each put our favorite dessert on a slip of paper,
and our prayer request, so whoever draws it will know
the dessert and the prayer we request.
I have our grandson, Jared,
Bill has our grandson, Smokey.
I am thinking it would be nice having candles
out for each of us to lite,
as we celebrate the birthday of our Jesus.
Maybe on a birthday cake.
Then we will have prayer while holding hands,
blowing the candles out together.
Sending Love to each of you,
undying Love joined to the Love
of our Precious and Almighty Savior,
our Blessed Redeemer, Immanuel, our King of King's.


Bill & Doede on vacation,
in Northern California Redwoods.

When Doede sent this letter to her friends,
I thought it was the best idea I had heard.
With so much sadness, heartaches and problems in our world.
I ask Doede if I could share their families Christmas with all of you.
Doede has been an online friend for several years.

Doede is such a sweet Christian and with so much love and compassion for everyone.

And knowing Doede like I do, I know this will be a wonderful and blessed time
with Bill and all of their family.
They truly love Jesus.
God Bless You All,
Love Carolyn

Please visit Doede's beautiful site.
Doede tells what God did for her after a tragic accident.
God's Glorious Grace


Jesus Birthday Cake

There is a lamb by cradle of Jesus..........
Bill lite the candles, we joined hands and he prayed,
then Justis lead us in singing Happy Birthday, Jesus!
We did this before our meal.




Who's Birthday Is Christmas
Written by Harold Reid
The Statler Brothers

Made With Love

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