A Christmas Gift For My Mommy

The Young Lady was shopping at the dollar store
for flowers to take to decorate the cemetery.
She was looking for just the right flowers for her loved ones.
She had worked hard all day at The Children's Hospital,
and sick herself ,she was trying so hard to get this job done.
She wanted to go home and get some much needed rest.
She was in such a hurry that she was becoming cranky.
All she had on her mind was getting the flowers
so she could get out of the store.
When all of a sudden a little girl came up to her.
The little girl looked about ten years old and so sweet.
In a very polite Jolly voice the little girl said ,
Hello... can I ask you a question?
Yes you sure can the young lady said to the little girl.
Well are you a Mommy?
Then after thinking briefly she looked at the little girl and said.

Yes I' am a Mommy.
The little girl said Oh good , I want to buy my Mommy a Christmas Present.
But I' m having a hard time deciding what to buy,
so could you please help me?
Yes, I will sure try and help you think of a gift.
The young lady said, I love Angels...Oh My Mommy loves Angels too.
And I love Teddy Bears....Oh My Mommy loves Teddy Bears too.
Well, why don't you go and look at the Angels and Teddy Bears.
Okay thank you so much for all of your help.
Your welcome said the young lady.....
You enjoy buying your Mommy a special gift for Christmas.
I'm sure she will love whatever you buy for her.
With a smile on her face the little girl went on her way.

The young lady paid for all of her flowers and decorations.
At this point the young lady forgot how tired she was.
She drove straight home and parked her truck in the driveway.
In the backdoor came the young lady yelling Hi Mom, I'm home.
She took all of the bags of flowers and decorations to the living room.
In the room she came, with a big smile and hoarse voice.
She said I have to tell you about the sweet little girl at the dollar store.
And Mom this little girl was so polite.
I turned around to listen to the story, not knowing what it was all about.
For some reason this story that day really touched my heart.
I have no idea who the little girl is or her name.

The young lady is my daughter Heather.
Yes, she will always be a Mommy.
When I ask her how she could always show so much love
for little ten year old girls and boys.
She just looks at me with a smile and said, I don't know...
I guess God made me that way.
Heather said there were so many other ladies close by,
why did the little girl ask her for help?

Thank you God for sending that little girl to Heather.
Sometimes a small thing like helping a child can make us feel so good.

This story I will cherish forever for,
The True Love God has given Heather.

Tears Included Free.....

December 4, 2003

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