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Near a scarecrow in the corn
We were born one misty morn,
Hatched from high caliber eggs
‘Tween mammy’s shapely legs.

We were hatched in a shed
By a plump Rhode Island red,
A chicken of beauty it is said,
A henhouse hottie well-bred.

Our daddy’s a rogue rooster
A dandy barnyard booster,
In pretty plumes he prances,
Check ‘in off hot hen romances.

From a pair perfectly matched
Out of a quickie affair hatched
Blue-ribbon chicks without flaws
And we are delivered for a cause.

From out of the henhouse hay
We was born to sing and play,
For you we’ll tap out hot licks,
We are The Downy Chick’s.

We play loud and we’re proud
To entertain any fowl crowd,
Gather round if you ain’t chicken
To hear the tunes we’re pick ‘in.

We are high-grade you will find
And if dancing comes to mind
Sashay out of that pea patch
And show us that fancy scratch.

Strut your stuff all you want
We won’t quit if you don’t,
We’ll perform till daddy crows,
Our band is the show of shows.

We’re called The Downy Chick’s
And we ain’t hicks from the sticks,
We’re gonna be known far and wide
If we don’t end up Kentucky fried.

©Written by: Kenneth J. Ellison 09-30-07

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Poetry by Ken

Used with permission

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For sharing Your Poems

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