I have been asked many times why I began making my sites. I have started a page several times and never did finish it.. In Nov, 2004 I received an email honoring my site.~ Website Webmaster Award from Cornerstone Connection~. Gail ask me to tell her something about why I began working on the web. I sent her a fast letter with some of the reasons for me being on here. I will first of all say that in no way, could I ever do what I am doing without God. I really do believe in my heart that He brought this website to me for a good reason. He does not make mistakes. So for His reason I began a whole new life on the web.

In Aug 2001, I bought my first computer. I didn't know one thing about what I was doing or getting into. The first place that I went was the support group that our daughter Heather joined. It was for support in the loss of her little girl that was killed by her father. Heather wanted me to visit them and I did. I was so new to a computer and still in a deep fog from Ambers death. From the first day, I began my new life with other hurting people like us. I had also just lost my own Mother in Feb of that year. I needed someone that would listen to me talk, and I was willing to listen to them. We all had something in common and it was something that I myself needed. Some people talk about their inner hurts and some keep them inside. I' am one that needed to talk. God knows what we need and He will provide for us if we will ask Him. I had prayed and talked to Him all the time. This is why I say He sent me to the web.

I began doing something I knew nothing about. Writing to strangers and telling them to stay close to God and about my own hurt. What if they didn't want to talk to me ? I never thought about that at all. I went to the guestbook and began to read some of the most heart breaking entries you could ever read. I just began with a Mommy and I wrote to her. Then I wrote to another parent, and on and on. I had no idea if this was proper or not. I guess I was willing to take that chance. My first day, I sent about 50 emails to many other grieving Parents and Grandparents. I was amazed when I received replies back from almost everyone. The tears began and sometimes I thought I would not make it through another letter. They needed friends and someone that cared. I finally got to the point of getting over 300 emails each day and writing to all of them. Inside I was hurting so bad also. Some were so angry over deaths and some just so numb still. I did the best that I could with no education on giving advice, other than God will take care of you. But they all were so nice and helped me too. I never received any mail from a person getting angry for talking about God. I did hear a lot of hurts about other things, but that is fine, as I was hurting too. Only God can help us go through all of that hard work and hurts. I did that for many months before stopping. I finally had to stop as it became so hard on me, and God had something else for me to do.

I had very little time to surf the web and found some very good sites with my kind of music. Southern Gospel and my Precious Memories came back to me. I was in Heaven here on earth. Each day, I met more and more new friends. I will say again, God knew what I needed and He still does, so He sent me to the sites that was for me. Then, for some reason I wanted a website. I first began on a site for Amber Linn. I could hardly work on it and knew nothing about html. It was so hard making her first site. I worked for hours on end sitting here, trying so hard to make the site pretty. I finally did get a small site made for her. But later I did remake her site, and still it is hard for me as abuse is very hard. But I do Amber Linn's site as I never want her to be forgotten, and I do it for her Mommy. I will always make a new page for Amber Linn. She lives in our hearts daily and no matter how hard it is, I will do it with God by my site.

Now back to wanting my own website. After making my first one, I have to give credit to Granny Rhonda for making me a site at Home With God. She made me a very pretty site and I loved it and I love her for all the work she did. Some of those pages are on this website. In fact some of my very first pages are on this website. Granny Rhonda worked many hours on my site, and I think I was so excited to see what she was doing, I almost drove her crazy. But soon she turned it over to me. So from surfing and reading sites, I began my new adventure. I didn't use notes as you can tell by many mistakes, I just began typing our family stories. I guess I proved one thing, yes I am a talker. I just kept adding pages on. It was not something that came easy for me. I cried and talked to God until I finally learned how to make my first website. This is now my 3rd and the biggest of all. It took me many days and nights of praying and crying. So it has to be something that God wanted me to do. The wonderful testimonies that I get in the mail and entries about my site is worth it all. Three years on the web and I have never been to a bad place yet. There is so much good on this big web that you can surf all the time and see nice sites, Christian sites and family, kid sites.

I am with God everyday on my sites. I am a former gospel singer that has been reunited with some old friends that use to sing along with my family in concerts. Most all of them have gone on to Heaven now. Several went to Heaven this year, Heaven sure got sweeter in 2004.But God knew how much I missed my Southern Gospel Family and He brought them back to me or me to them.. From my first page about my family to all of what I have on now, makes me so happy that I never gave up.. And that God never gave up on Me.. Most all of the pages are from me sitting here and just writing as if I was talking.. That is why you will find many mistakes on my pages.. But that is fine with me. I' am just a plain ole country gal, yes we have country in Calif. We were poor in material things, but I am proud of my family. My parents made sure that we all knew God and we had a lot of family time together when we were still at home.

People love reading family stories as much as I do. And my Southern Gospel songs have brought many to my site. They love Gospel Music... God brought me to this web making and He gets all of the credit. I, in no way, consider myself as having a Ministry. But if telling this story and making pages like I do, brings lost souls to Jesus, it is worth all of the work that I do. I have had several letters from young people and adults that said they gave their life to Jesus while listening and reading something on my site. I am in no way boasting. I do not believe in that. But I sure want to reach as many as I can in song or stories or poems. I have come very close to closing several times and just when I do that, a letter comes with some kind of word of encouragement that keeps me going.. I will keep on as long as there is a need to tell others about His love. I love the Lord more than anyone. He is my all, my best friend, He is all I need.

My good friend Genelle is singing one of her beautiful songs. She is a songwriter, singer and the song she is now singing, He's All I Need, is so true.. I hope you will come to Jesus if you haven't yet. Give your heart to Him. Genelle and her husband Stan has their Ministry on the web. You can visit her site by clicking on her picture below. Her picture from her new CD. She has her CD'S on her site.. I have them all and play them all the time. You will be glad that you went to see my little friend from Oklahoma. Genelle is as sweet as she looks too. Be sure and tell her Carolyn or CJ sent you.

On all of my pages that has songs and links to the singers, you can get their CD'S on their sites.. They have all been so kind to let me use their songs on my site as they know how much I love music.. I' am sorry this page is so long, but it took me along time to finally get it on. Be thankful that I' am not a Preacher. Yes, I do love Humor too. Life is too hard to not have fun sometimes too. Through it all, I have come to know so many good and wonderful friends in my family of friends. If not for all of you, and your encouragement, I would have stopped .I thank you all from my heart..

I also want to thank my good friend Designer Lady for making me this very nice graphic set. She only had the picture and she made this wonderful gift for me. These are the kind of people that have come into my life on this big internet. For each one of you that has helped me the last three years to get my sites where they are now, Thank You So Much....You all mean so much to me. I never thought about awards at all. I did not make my sites for awards. I have been blessed with so many beautiful gifts for my site. I have them on my Award pages and also on other pages. Each and every Award belongs to My Lord, as He is the reason I' am still here. I want to add some on this page and they are all Webmaster Awards, again thank you so much for believing in me and for what I try hard to represent.

God Bless Each One Of You...
Love Carolyn


Note from Gail, Cornerstone Connections.

Carolyn, you and your sites have the annointing of the Mighty Hand of God on them. They are truly blessed and are a blessing to many. We will pray that many more will receive their salvation through your dedication and hard work to share with all for the Glory of The Lord Jesus Christ.

Thank You Gail ,Wanda and The Staff at Cornerstone Connection

Thank you South

Thank you Brenda

Thank you Melva

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