True Love

By - Ruby Ketron - 2003
Copyright Pending

True love is something that is really rare,
First, it takes two people who really care.
Because a marriage should be secure,
So both man and wife should be real sure.

They should be ready to make it last,
And not jump into a marriage too fast.
Should save themselves for the right one,
Not just think that it will be a lot of fun.

A marriage should be ready to endure,
Get through trials and heartaches secure.
It should be for life, not just for a lark,
Since it will at times becomes quite stark.

To keep this love both true and kind,
God needs to lead, don't blunder blind,
Listen as He leads, ask for His advice,
Be ready for the bad and to sacrifice.

Without real, true love, it will fall apart,
And will surely end with a broken heart.
Before you wed, you should make it clear,
That your marriage will not disappear.

Thank You Ruby for writing this special
poem for my Valentines Page
God Bless You
Love Carolyn


Daddy and Mama in '1989'

Mama and Daughters
Loretta, Dorothy, Carolyn, Sue


Daddy and Sons
Howard, Gene, Arliss

Daddy and Mama in August 1997
Daddy went to Heaven Jan 9,1998
Mama went to Heaven Feb 3,2001
Married 5 weeks short of 67yrs


Happy Anniversary In Heaven Daddy And Mama......

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True Love
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