My Mama

Since today (May 20th ,2003)
is the day that my Mama 
would have been 93 years old,
I wanted to just say something about her.
She was a wonderful and loving Mama.
I will talk straight from my heart about her.
Little did I know that I would
miss my Mama as much as I do.
I do think that most of us
think that we will always have our Mama.
And they will be here forever, I know I did.

I do want to say that Mama worked hard to raise seven children.
She worked hard in the fields, and at stores.
She made our clothes out of feed sacks and they were so pretty.
She washed and ironed our clothes and made us look so nice and clean.
She had big gardens and she cooked all our meals.
I don't remember going out to eat like today.

In 1962, Mama and I went to Beauty School together.
I was young, and Mama was in her 50's.
It was a lot harder for her than for me.
But she was not one to give up easy.
So she continued and finally, we graduated.
In the spring we had to take six weeks off for me to have emergency surgery.
Mama took good care of me as I got well and ready to go back.
We got our license together in 1962.
We then bought a little beauty shop, and began our new business as partners.
In 1963 we bought a brand new shop.
It was so nice, and we were so proud.

Many times Mama and her Sister and I would go to Hollywood.
We went to see many of our favorite TV shows.
Oh, how Mama looked forward to those times.
And she would do this with us,
several times each year.
She would get so excited about the trips.
Mama just knew in her heart that one of us,
would get on a show and win some big nice things.
And I did a couple times and she was so happy.

She could walk the streets of Hollywood,
and out walk me and her younger Sister anytime. lol
Another thing that Mama loved was to watch,
(ALL) of the Elvis movies on TV.
Daddy didn't think that we should watch them.
But I liked to see them a lot too.
So when you have your wife and daughter,
both wanting too, well !! Mama & I Won.
Daddy would sit and read the paper,
and peek over to see what was going on. lol

But the one thing that I can remember,
and will always keep in my mind.
Is how much Mama loved "Jesus".
She loved Him with all of her heart.
She wanted all of her loved ones to do the same!
She talked about Jesus so much and,
Mama loved to go to Sunday School
and Church every Sunday.
To me that is a real Mama!
So today I wish Mama a very "Happy Birthday",
as she is in Heaven now.
She went to Heaven on Feb 3, 2001.

I give you the only gift other than what you have today.
That is your very favorite color, RED!
and your favorite beautiful red roses.
And singing this song that you loved so much.
When my Trio began singing this song,
as we would come out on stage.
Only this time it is Elvis singing for you Mama.
I Love You Mama!

I was so fortunate to have my Mama for almost 91years.
And I do miss her so much.
But to be with her Husband of 68 years.
two children, her own Mama and,
all her loved ones that had gone on before.
But most of all to be with Jesus.
Mama is having the time of her Life!
~~ Love Carolyn~~

Me and Mama
July 1999

Thank You Coco, I just
had to share with my Mama

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