My Brother

We shared many secrets,
the same Mom and Dad.
We shared lots of good times
don't think of the bad.

Our memories we'll treasure
with love without end.
I'm glad you're my brother
I'm glad you're my friend.

Author: Known To God

Sept 5, 1938-Mar 13, 1994

The poem is one that I love a lot.
It is short and to the point.
This is the kind of Brother Arliss was.
Making a page about him has been so hard.
If I said everything I wanted to, it would take my whole site.
He was one of my singing partners.
He was the owner and lead singer for his Quartet, The Waymaker's.
He was a Brother, a Buddy, a good Talker, and a good Listener.
And I really do miss him a lot.
I chose this background because of all the pictures.
He loved the Mountains, He loved the Ocean, He loved Nature, He loved America, He Loved God.
But just like me, he loved to sing Southern Gospel Music.
And this is another reason I sit and work on these sites.
I can listen to our Southern Gospel all day long.
You just can't get it out of your blood.
When Arliss got his new video of the Cathedrals.
He called me on the phone and ask me to come right away.
You have to come and hear this tenor sing this beautiful song.
He also said it will give you chills.
It was Ernie Hasse singing tenor for the Cathedrals.
I told Ernie Hasse how much this song meant to Arliss.
" Oh What A Saviour "
This song says it all....
For the ones that don't know, this is not The Cathedrals singing now.
But I plan to add Ernie singing this song with
The Cathedrals on another song page soon.
It is our singing friends, The Statesmen Quartet.
Arliss knew he wouldn't live long.
He needed a heart transplant and never was able to get it.
As sick as he was, he tried to keep his sense of humor.
He died two short months after our Sister, that sang with us also.
He lived the last two years of his life with our parents.
I miss sitting on Mama & Daddy's front porch with Arliss,
and us talking about singing again someday.
I really knew unless a Miracle came from God.
He wouldn't be able to sing again.
But I sure wasn't going to tell him that.
I guess that was a dream of mine too.
I miss sitting and watching all of the videos with Arliss
of so many of our friends singing.
Sometimes we would sit for hours and watch them and talk.
But just to know that he is in Heaven and no more sickness.
I know he is having a time singing in Heaven
with all of our family and friends.
He is singing again with his good buddies,
Carl, JD, Cecil , Hovie, Avery, J.E.,
Don, Earl, James, Rosie, and now Jake, and so many more.
Due to Jake going to Heaven Jan 4, 2004,
I wanted to add The Statesmen featuring Rosie.
Listening to Rosie, makes me want to get up and SING Again....
Heaven is going to be so wonderful.
I wouldn't miss Heaven for anything.

My Brother ~~ My Friend
I Will Love You Forever

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 The Statesmen Quartet


O What A Savior
The Statesmen Quartet

Updated May 11, 2004

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