"Welcome to the beginning of Leon's Family"

Well this is my "Grandma and my Grandpa Roper".
And I am not too sure who the others are in the picture.
I guess they are some relatives of mine -:))
But I have a lot of good memories of my Grandpa and my Grandma.
Now they are my Mama's Parents!
Now they lived in a little town called Nocona ,Texas.
And I have a lot of good memories
sitting on that front porch and talking to my Grandpa.
It was sure hot though.
But when your just a little boy,
you don't really care about those things.
I use to get to visit them every summer.
I sure do miss those times.
Nothing like having a good Grandpa and Grandma!
Now this was the days when it was safe
to let the kids just run up and down the streets
and no one would bother us.
And the home place is still there today!

Daddy was born in '1910' in Benton, Ark.
My Mama was born in '1915' on the Red River.
That is just outside of Nocona ,Texas.
Well then my parents got married in I think '1931'!
They had started their lives in Texas and had 3 kids.
There was "Wayne", and then came "Jean", and then "Barbara".
I think that my Mama was with child and they moved to Wasco, Ca.
They lived there for about 2 yrs and
that is where "Mary Sue" was born.
She was the 4th child.
Daddy worked in the oil fields around Taft, Bakersfield,
and Shafter. Then they decided to go back to Texas.
Then they had one more child and his name is "James".
Well below is a picture of all of those kids
when they were small!

Then sometime in'1941' Daddy and Mama decided
to make a move back to Wasco, Ca.
Then in Jan,'1942' I was born.
I was named after my Daddy!
Now this was the 6th child and that was the end!
I was always told I was born on a railroad track.
But that was not true, as they were only kidding me,
because we lived next to the railroad track -:))
I was the lucky one as I was the one
that was born in a hospital in Bakersfield, Ca.
This is the last picture that I have of my Daddy
holding me when I was 14 months old,
and the one of my Mama holding me
when I was only about 7 months old.
We don't have many pictures and I think
that is so very important and to have as that
helps us with our memories!

This is the only picture
that I have of me and my Daddy
alone together.
I don't have a lot of memories as
they were divorced when I was about 2 yrs old.
But I did Love my Daddy anyway,
and I think about him a lot.
My Daddy died in July of '1976' in Portland, Oregon!
I Love You Daddy !

Mama holding me
when I was about 8 months old!
I Love You Mama !

Now Mama got married again when I was young,
and we got a new Step-Brother named JD.
He became the oldest kid!
But he was never thought of as a Step-Brother.
He use to ride me all over the streets
of Oakland, California on his bicycle.
Boy can I remember that.
But just do remember, that those were the days,
when you could feel safe in letting your kids do that also.
You sure couldn't do that today at all!
While our Step-Father and Mama was working
on the last "Liberty Ship" that was built in Martinez, Calif.
I think they both did welding after the war in '1945'.
I could tell a lot of stories,
but maybe I just better go on to the next part of my Life,
that includes Step-Brother,
that was not like a Step-Brother at all.
True feelings! He was my big hero then,
and still is to this day, if we are to have such a thing!

Well this is the last good picture of me with my Mama alone!
This is my favorite of all and was taken at our home
on Mother's Day before she went on to Heaven in Oct '1985'.
I Love You Mama ~Leon~

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