Leon Gets A New Brother

"Mama and Pop"

In about '1944' Mama got married again.
And then, I got a new Step-Father.
The good part of the whole thing,
was that he brought along the best thing,
that had happened to me in my Life! LOL
That is true as this is when we got a new Brother.
He is our Step-Brother but we never thought of him as that.
Oh and he is 11 yrs older than me.
That sure did make my life a whole lot easier.
He always took me places and rode me
all over Oakland, Ca on his bicycle.
Now you just can't ask more than that,
from a big older Step-Brother.
I was the youngest of the 6 kids,
from my Mama and my Daddy.
This now made me the youngest,
of all of the 7 kids in all. LOL
Boy was I the little (king).LOL

Then we moved to Madera, Ca
and lived out in the country.
That was in the days when you could just
turn your kids loose and tell them to go play. LOL!
We had a lot of good times together.
Mom and Pop would take all of the kids,
out to chop cotton and pick cotton.
Then on Sat night when we all got paid,
we all went out to have Chinese food.
We can remember today just what we ate too.
Then they would load all of us up in the car,
and take us to the dollar a car load picture show.
And we even got to go to the inside movies,
to see our favorite cowboys, Gene and Roy too!
Now that was the good days to me!
I do remember though when I started school.
Something happened and I ended up,
at a different school than all of the other kids.
Well not me, I was not staying at that school by myself.
So I just walked right out of the school gate,
and walked to the other school.LOL

When we were in High School we sold ice-cream at lunch time.
That was so much fun because if any got mashed,
well you can bet, that we all got a free ice cream bar!
They would turn on the "Rock n Roll" music of those days.
We had more fun! a lot of kids hanging around,
to see if maybe they could get a free ice cream!
The kids now days would laugh about that.
But that was our good times! LOL
Then one by one the older kids all started,
leaving home and going into the Navy.
Finally the time came for me to graduate from High School.
So it was then my turn to go into the Navy!
I spent 4 yrs in there, in a lot of different places.
And I got to see different countries too!

Well then one by one all of the kids started getting married.
This page is dedicated to my Step-Brother that,
is not a Step-Brother at all, he is a true Brother.
When Pop died in '1972' JD was still the big Brother.
He still watched after our Mama and,
all of us kids just like before.
If Mama was in need for anything she could and,
did call upon him just like any of her own children.
As to our Mama JD was her Child.
I should have said that when Mama and Pop married,
JD's Mama had already passed away.
The only thing that was different was our last name.
We never gave it a thought that we were a Step-Brother.
He still remained the same Big Brother to all of us kids.
JD and I are still very best of friends.
I want to say that I love you "Big Brother".
I still look up to you for guidance in my Life.
A wonderful Friend and a 'Great Man of God'.
He has a wonderful wife Cynthia who I Love a lot too.
And 3 grown children, and they all have children!
~~Love you ~~ your little brother~~ Leon ~~

We don't have many pictures of us kids little.
So this is one that I have of me and my brother,
just older than me "James" Ha~ Ha~ I' am still younger~

This picture of JD and me is a very favorite one of mine.
It was taken Father's Day 2001!
He is a lot bigger than I am.
Oh it was hot that day and he said,
for some reason his walking shorts
shrunk over the winter before. lol
So he just pulled them out of the drawer and,
I got 2 new pairs of walking shorts from my BIG BROTHER!
Gee thanks and I will always love you a lot !!!

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