~~To My Daughter~~

You're a precious thought to me
A treasure to my heart
You're a daughter who has played
A very special part

All the beauty life can give
Is summarized in you
I am proud and I am glad
That life presented you

In your own compelling way
I see that you're unique
I am confident you'll reach
The very goals you seek

Your growth and progress always
Are so charming to behold
It is such a wondrous thing
To watch your life unfold

All my love and all my hopes
Give time a special hue
All my days and all the years
Are full because of you

Author Known To God

Heather I waited eight long years before,
I found out that you were on the way.
I wanted a little girl so much, and we only had Scotty.
And he wanted a little brother or sister so bad.
When I found out I was finally
going to have another child, we were so excited.
Scotty was so happy and told everyone.

So I prayed for a little girl and I was so excited.
But when I was three months along,
I was exposed to the bad measles.
My Doctor said if I got them,
I would have to have an abortion.
I told him that I just couldn't do that.
I will pray, I know that God sent me this baby.
I ask him to please pray for me too.
I remember crying all the time and praying.
I ask God to let me have my baby and,
to not let anything bad happen to my baby.

One Mommy at church already had four children.
And now she was expecting another one.
She wanted another little girl so bad.
Knowing how much I wanted a little girl,
she prayed for me, and ask God for a big favor.
If He had only one little girl to give,
please send that little girl to Carolyn.
She would be happy with what God would send her.

I got the girl and she got the boy.
Two years later God gave her a little girl.

God Bless You Geneveve...
I will always love you,
for that unselfish prayer.

Heather you are my very best friend.
You have always been here for me.
I will always have that in my mind.
God Bless You Heather...
Wishing You A Life Of Happiness.
September 28,2002...

~Heather Graduated from Med School~
Oct 26,2001

~One dream came true Heather at Graceland~
Nov 7,1999

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Heather this is a special gift from Joy !
You sure are lucky! Whow !!


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