Heather and Daren


Our Daughter Heather and Our Son-In-Law Daren

The day that you both have been waiting for all of your life.
The beauty of all of the fresh greenery and flowers,
flown in from Hawaii made the whole wedding so pretty.
The entire backyard smelled like fresh vanilla coming from the Baby Orchids,
that were scattered on both sides of the center isle.
All of the flowers came over from Hawaii and were so pretty.
The Wedding Cake made by Lara, friend of the Bride,
was so beautiful with Baby Orchids covering the cake and the table.
Daren walked his Grandmother  to her seat.
Then Daren walked his Mother Karen down to take her seat.
Also Daren's Father Theron followed to sit next to his wife, Karen.
The Bestman Scott walked Carolyn, Mother of the Bride down to take her seat.

Now came Carrie looking so pretty and took her place in front as Matron of Honor.
The Bestman and Groom stood waiting for Heather and her Father.
Geri was officiating for the wedding and she smiled with so much love.

The Music began with Don Ho singing The Hawaiian Wedding Song.
That was the cue for Carolyn to stand.
All of the family and friends stood admiring the Bride
as her Father Leon walked her down the center isle.
Daren was finally getting his Bride.
Mother and Father stood with Heather and gave her to Daren together.
After Daren put Heather's Lei around her neck,
Heather put Daren's Lei around his neck.
The Bride and Groom cut and released twelve white balloons,
remembering Heather's Daughter, Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle,
and Daren's Grandparents and Uncle that had passed away.
Geri read the names as the balloons went up.
We all used our tissues for Tears of Joy, that we made.

After the Wedding Vows, and exchange of Wedding Rings.
As in most weddings, the Groom did cry and the Bride wiped his tears.
Finally, Daren you may kiss your Bride.
They turned around and smiled big at everyone.

We Are Now Husband & Wife .

As Heather & Daren walked from the front,
everyone took their bottle of wedding bubbles,
and began blowing them at the couple.

It was a very touching wedding and we hope, one that everyone will remember.

Pictures were taken and we all enjoyed a Hawaiian Luau Buffet.

Heather and Daren got up and danced to this song you are listening to.
Can't Help Falling In Love With You, by Elvis Presley.

Heather and Daren we wish you a life of happiness, and love.
You both deserve the best and now you have that.

Mom and Dad


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Can't Help Falling In Love
Performed by Elvis Presley

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