Grandma Mattison And Girls

My Grandma Mattison and her oldest daughter Atha ,a teenager in this photo.
Her next daughter Bonita was only three years old here in the big bonnet.
Grandma had twin boys born first ,one died at birth,
and the other one died the next day.
She always longed for her boys and missed them so much.
And then she had another daughter Emogene, who is 18 years younger than Atha.
Grandma also had a daughter named Glendlyn that was her last child.
I only know she lived to be three or four years old and died of dyptheria.
Her oldest daughter Atha , looking like a normal teenage, * Smiles * is my Mama.
This picture was taken sometime in the early 1920's in Oklahoma.
My Mama and Daddy brought Grandma and Grandpa,
and Aunt Emogene from Oklahoma to Wasco, Calif,
in 1942 so they could take care of Grandma, and be close to her through her illness.
My siblings all got to meet Grandma for a short time.
Most of them were so young, they don't remember her other than being so sick.
I never got to meet my Grandma because she died right before I was born.
I was told it was spring of 1943.
I would have given anything to have met my Grandma.
I think children that are fortunate enough to have Grandparents in their lives ,are so lucky.
And it is a very special and wonderful gift from God.
Times were very hard as the picture shows.
Grandma had stomach cancer and back then there was no medicine for cancer.
She raised her family and suffered so much.
I am sure she would have loved to enjoy all of her Grandchildren more.
Grandma was only 49 years old when she died.
That was so young and how I wish I could have known her.
But one thing I am thankful for is that ,Grandma Mattison gave us the best Mama we could ask for.
God let us have our Mama until she was almost 91 years.
I never knew how much I would miss her until she was gone.

I never got to meet my Grandma Nored either.
If you have Grandma's, enjoy them while you have them.

Aunt Bonita in her big bonnet died in 1997 at age 74.
Aunt Jeannie is now 79 years old and lives in Oklahoma with Uncle Bob.
If I had one wish when I was a child, it would be, I wish I could have met my Grandma's.

I will someday in Heaven.......... where we will meet.

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