Class Of 1949

I look at the faded picture,
Signs of its aging plain to see,
I gaze at the young children,
Oh, look ‘tis so easy to find me.

I see my best friends,
They are all standing there,
Memories come flooding back,
We were free without a care.

Those were happy times,
Gathered in the schoolyard to pose,
Wonder where they have drifted,
Do they all have families you suppose?

Many hours spent together,
Day by day, we greeted each friend,
However, the years have found us,
Drifting apart as life’s pathway we wend.

I would love once more to return,
To be the child in the camera’s glare,
When sharing secrets beneath the trees,
Would between us create a certain fanfare.

The times when simple pleasures,
Brought smiles to the innocent face,
Honesty was a way of life,
Trusting friendships, we did enlace.

Only in memories and faded pictures,
Can we all be together once more,
I dwell upon the harmonious nature of youth,
As I sense the closing of realities door.

Author Gayle Davis
July 8, 2004©

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An Hour With You

Thank You So Much Gayle,
This Poem Means So Much To Me
Love You Carolyn

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