Meet My Grandpa Mattison

This was the only one of my
Grandparents that I ever knew.
As all of the others passed away before I was born.

Grandpa was a funny man and we all loved him so much.
He took a lot of "teasing" from my older brothers.
They all loved playing silly jokes on him and he would just laugh at them.
I don't remember that part of it much.
I was still a small child, but we loved watching & listening to him play his fiddle for us.

This picture of my Grandpa was taken of him sitting in front of his trailer that he lived in.
Part of the time he lived behind my Aunt and Uncle's house in Bakersfield, Calif.
Then sometimes he would have someone pull his trailer up and live in our back yard on the farm.

One of the special memories that I can sure remember only happened a couple of times.
Grandpa would ask me if I would like to have supper with him! Whow!!
That was a big treat for me and sure wish he would have felt like doing it more often.
He would fry us a whole pound of bacon and some eggs fried in the bacon grease.
Grandpa would make some toast in his little old oven.
Then put it on a tin pie pan and hand me a knife and tell me to dig in .lol
Now you have to realize that I had no idea how to handle eating with a knife.
But it was that way or not get to come and eat in his trailer anymore.
I was not about to let that happen.
I would always walk right past his trailer door to smell the bacon frying.

In the 14 years that I had my Grandpa around me, seemed to be so special and a big treat.
Our Christmas present from him was one big can of hard Christmas candy for all kids to share!
What I wouldn't give to have a bite of that candy again.
It just doesn't taste the same since Grandpa passed away.
He didn't believe in spoiling us grandkids with a bunch of fancy gifts.
But we never thought a thing about it.
Something else about my Grandpa, he could blow smoke from his pipe in our ear if we had a earache.
And the old earache was gone in just a minute.
No one has been able to do that but Grandpa .:)

Grandpa was a simple man that didn't need much to live.
We loved to spend Christmas and all other days with Grandpa.
Grandpa played the fiddle in barn dances back in Oklahoma when he was younger.
Grandpa could play any country and bluegrass song on his fiddle.
I can hear him now playing Orange Blossom Special and Cotton Eyed Joe and more.
He taught himself to play the fiddle.
I can remember that part of him so much.
I wish I could of had my banjo back then and learned to play with Grandpa.
But the instrument talent did continue with his grandson's and great grandson's.
I wish Grandpa could have met his great grandson's and heard them play and sing Bluegrass Gospel.
We couldn't have ask for a better Grandpa in the world.
I just wanted to share a few memories about my one Grandparent that I met.

My Grandpa passed away in '1958' when I was only 14years old.
I will always have precious memories of this wonderful man!
Grandpa We Love You
Carolyn and the gang!

You ask why I would pick this for
my background and I say to you
because this was the kind
of Grandpa he was so full of love and fun.

I miss you and Love you Grandpa...


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