~*~ CAROLYN ~*~

"Hello, my name is Carolyn and I'm one year old here in this picture".
"Aint I cute" ?...lol...
"I'm the baby in the family
and spoiled rotten too" !

"Love Gospel music...
and can dance for you".

"When I grow up
there is lots I want to do".

"And with my God and Jesus
It may all come true".

"I go to church and I'm learning to pray...
and I really hope to grow up big one day".

"And my Jesus loves me this I know
...for Mommy and Daddy's Bible tells us all so".

"Sometimes I'm not so good
and often cause I'm little...I'm misunderstood ".

"But I'm always forgiven for whatever it is I've done
cause Jesus died for me and was Gods only son".

"My name is Carolyn... and I am one
so glad you came to visit me...I had so much fun".

"Please come to visit me again
as I'm always happy to have a friend drop in".

"But before you go...please do sign
and please come back to visit me any ol time".

...wuv you" !

Written By Trisha F.Maxwell©
September 4, 2003

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Thank You so much Sparky
For this special background set that you
made with a lot of love for Carolyn's Precious Memories.

Daddy's Girl
Performed by Red Sovine

Made With Love

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